Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've been busy this week...

I have two large weddings this weekend, and have prepared the mockups for a few other weddings I have.  Let me know what you think.  All flowers were purchased from Wal-mart, the jewels from sav-on crafts, and the feathers from Hobby Lobby.  I would suggest not purchasing flowers from Wal-mart, to say that I was disappointed with the quality is a severe understatement.  The flowers weren't properly hydrating and were dropping petals like nothing I had ever seen.  I usually order my roses from a secret source and never had that problem before, but was feeling under the weather and decided to go to Wal-mart. I was NOT happy.
Centerpiece Mockup, there will be about half a dozen to a dozen more flowers in it
Bridesmaids Bouquet Mockup (The bride's is very similar but will have twice as many roses, I am thinking two-two and a half dozen).
With feathers.  I have three clients (and myself makes four lol) that are using feathers in their bouquets, so I decided to add them, the colors aren't the right ones but all of them loved the concept of the feathers).

Closeup of the centerpiece (now you can see the shitty quality)

Here's another shot of the fun and funky bouquet...

What do y'all think?  I am of course open to any suggestions etc, my clients seem to be very mum and I want them all to be uber happy lol.  My assistant (one of the feather bouquet brides) loves them...

Here is another thing we did this weekend, my assistant put the buckets together with my design inspiration etc.  One of my brides has 8 children coming to her wedding and we did individual buckets for them all.

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