Saturday, February 27, 2010

Invite FAIL.

It all started at Office Depot. I was in a rush to get my things printed and someone asked me if I did invitations and of course I say no and begin telling them about my job etc. The clerk interrupted me and asked me if I wanted my invite trimmed I said sure. She cut the damned thing down so far it looked like an oompa loompa's invitation.  I fought back tears because I realized I had only ordered ONE sample of this paper and dumb ass messed it up :(.  So I being resilient squeal that's okay we can just use the RSVP since it's not cut down. I mean I just wanted to see what it looked like on the paper, right?  Well that's just the beginning.  I get home with my invitation sized RSVP and my oompa loompa sized invitation and show Mr. Mocha.  His response was "what's wrong, I don't see anything wrong with it".  I looked at him dumbfounded.  And then walked off mumbling something about tiny invitations (he laughed his ass off).  Then I decided I was going to go ahead and do the stamp, etc.  Lo and behold I forgot AGAIN to get new ink and inked it with the dullest ink on the planet.  While I was pondering over the ink conundrum I stamped the second chandelier CROOKED!!! (Laughing yet, I was).  I then go and get my handy dandy pink glue gun, Frenchie, out (from Grease remember the pink hair lol).  Now Frenchie had never ever let me down.  Until today :D. I quickly stick in the glue wax faux sticks and la dee da wait for it to heat up.  I then dripped 3/4 of an inch or so onto my ribbon after an okay practice run on a sheet of paper.  That went not so well. I dripped a huge glob from the glue stick onto the right hand corner and proceeded to do the wax seal.  Well I put my wax seal in olive oil and push it down, I swear it looked like Mt. Helen erupting with the wax running everywhere. I am 100% sure I didn't wait long enough for it to cool.  Want to know the best part?! You cannot even tell it's our initial at the end!!!!   I then go to put the damned monstrosity into the envelope and you guessed it, it's too big to fit!!! By this time I am laughing my ass off at myself and I just take the silly thing and trim it down to size. 

Here's what I learned today:
  • Don't let the person cutting your one sample out of your sight
  • Don't dwell on an incorrect cut while stamping
  • Wait the full 1-2 minutes on the faux wax seals
  • Don't take yourself too seriously.  I mean um crying at a counter at Office Depot when my wedding isn't even for another 10 months is a bit "much" to say the least lol
  • Here is the RSVP close up sort of (sorry for the glare)
  • And thank goodness I have 10 months to perfect this lmao! At least my envelopes look good :o)
Have you had any funny stories with your invites?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mocha Frugalista discovers The Bride's Cafe and Janie Medley

Have you ever stumbled upon a website so kick ass that you wondered what you did before it?  That's how I felt yesterday when I found The Brides Cafe.  This is definitely my cup of coffee, all pun intended.  Janie's sense of style is kick ass and the weddings she features, OMG!  Definitely check it out and add her to your blog roll, you won't be disappointed!!   She is a florist by trade and a true connoisseur of beautiful and stylish weddings.  If you are located in Virginia, definitely check her out: JM Flora

As an event planner, designer, and aspiring florist, I am definitely inspired and excited!  I sometimes loose my zest for design because my locale is a very traditional one.  Janie has bought it back ten fold.  I am definitely going to start putting my best foot forward and take all of the classes and licensure I will need to be a true florist in Louisiana (the only state that requires licensure for floral artists).  I moonlight as a floral designer and actually do bouquets and simple florals for brides in other states.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby's Breath

Today I fell in love with baby's breath once again and became so inspired that I decided to use it as a centerpiece for my bridal show today. It is definitely more organic and sassy than the inspiration pieces but still me.  Let me know what you thnk!!  I think the polka dot ribbon wrapped vase definitely lends a bit of my sassiness into the equation.
My inspiration pictures
Here is my take on the baby's breath.  Let me know what you think....

I think next time I'll definitely shape it up a bit more, but I sort of love the unruliness of it and allowing the organic nature to shine through. The fragrance is intoxicating and everyone leaned over to smell.  I do think that these will be an adorable addition for a shower or a casual wedding.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fleur de Amour

As I was browsing Intimate Weddings today (love them!!!) I saw this picture and think that I am changing my mind about my waist adornment.  Kacey (Twisted Crystals) can actually make this so  I am thinking about switching.  What do you think?
Priscilla of Boston

I would totally get a larger version of this with feathers and BLING!! (What else would a girl want)

I am exhausted but had fun at the show! And I have a question for you: What's black, white, yellow, has polka dots with feathers all over?!

Our display at the PWG show.  The one on the right was fixed before the show's bridal attendants arrived.  The feathers are my company's newest product launch.  And they are also what will be used for our wedding.  Let me know what you think :o).... My apologies for the poor cell phone quality...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Anyone else afraid they won't get everything done?  Everyone knows that I am a super-anal person.  My clients love it. M finds it hilarious and endearing sometimes and annoying others, and it stresses me out.  My company has grown exponentially over the year and I am so excited and proud to be the owner of my boutique event design company, Amour Toujours Events.  The problem comes in my own wedding. I am afraid that I will drop the ball on something, that there is something I have forgotten.  I am afraid that I have dropped the ball on a client's event, haven't checked an email, responded to a call, placed an order for florals. I am afraid.

I think it's a healthy sense of fear that drives me to be the best, but does anyone else sit down sometimes and think what the hell am I doing?!  I have a huge bridal show coming up this weekend as well as a wedding on Friday.  As such, I am very stressed out thinking: did I do everything I needed to?  Are the business cards ordered, linens ordered for the show and bride, did I send the timeline, and get it okayed with the bride and her family.  Oh yeah did I get a SITTER for our children, have I let my assistant designer know what time to meet me there, is my emergency kit packed.  Add to the equation the exorbitant amount of money that I pay in advertising, and you'll begin to understand.

I am not afraid of success. I am afraid of not doing everything in my power to succeed.  Have I forgotten a step that would increase my earning potential or make my company more successful?  The what ifs are huge right now while I am wracking my brain to ensure success in all of my endeavors.  I believe it is time I took a step back and reflect and perhaps in a week or two a relaxation break. I am up to my proverbial here on orders for cake toppers and aisle runners, not to mention my biggest even of the year so far is on the 27th.

What are your fears in planning your wedding and life in general?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Pashminas arrived!!

They are great!   The seller is wonderful and the delivery was prompt.  I definitely recommend Muraslove .  She is running a special right now where if you purchase 4 you get the 5th one free which was quite perfect. The total cost for all five was $27.40!! I don't think that M's mom is the pashmina type, and she usually wears sleeves so this isn't a good option for her.
The grey color is for my bridesmaids and the blue for my mom.

As a reminder, here are the bridesmaids' dresses (Alfred Angelo 6583)
My mom's dress is below, and yes even mom mocha is a sexy diva :D

Here are all of the gifts with the exception of the clutches, the monogram totes, and the sweets. I think these look pretty good together... I got the jewelry set for $10.00 at a local store, it was marked down from $50.00.

Remix!! It's booked!!

We have a venue!! That cute little chapel is ours!!!  We paid the deposit today!!! To refresh your memories, here are a few pictures...

I plan on having it draped on the inside. It's a tad bit rustic for my taste, but that's nothing that linens and drapery can't fix. Here are some ideas I have for the drapery and decor...

To shower them with gifts :o)

I adore my bridesmaids, they are all fun and sassy gals and have exquisite taste.  So what is a bride on a budget like me to do?  Head to ebay baby!
My first find was these great compact chandeliers from ebay for the awesome price of $2.30 each plus shipping.  For my four bridesmaids I paid $9.20!!

In real life :o)
I also was lucky enough to find these great chic totes from The Knot on sale for 5.99 each, I got them slightly cheaper by using a coupon code :D... I purchased them in our wedding colors.  I chose a black trim with grey writing in the font that is shown.  I cannot wait until they arrive!!!
I am also searching Etsy for a great little wrislet and am 100% sure that I know which ones I want and they are darling.  These are the ones I am thinking of by Etsy seller Syl2830.  These are only 19.00 each...
(Source )

I will also be sticking a few of these pecan candies/pralines in their bags (because YUMMY!!!)
I am also getting them these great pashminas as wraps for their dress event though I don't have any idea what color I'll be choosing yet.  My favorites are 4, 7, and 30.  Remember their dresses are black and while I love the black pashminas, I think they may be a little bit harsh for our wedding?  Perhaps the blue (#7 while be stunning or the grey of #4?)  What do you think?  I currently have submitted a best offer to the seller, Muraslove, on Ebay...
(Source )

What are you getting your bridesmaids as gifts?  Do you think I've selected enough items?  What else would you add?  Remember, I am on a tight budget and would love to get the best bang for my buck without breaking the budget.

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way," Jessica Rabbit

Hello Jessica Rabbit...
And yes that's what I felt like in my dress, a starlet, Old Hollywood Glamour.  The quintessential statue-esque beauty.  And errr move over Crystal Renn, Maia Tyler, and Toccarra, there's a new curvy beauty in town...

yes that's a french bustle built in!!! we are still working on the proper way to do the corset and are unsure of why the modesty panel isn't long enough

Not bad for $350.00, huh?!  Thank you !!!

Candlit Daytime wedding (The sequel)

My entire life when I dreamt of my wedding, I dreamt of candles softly lit as my husband to be and I exchange our vows.  A daytime wedding poses problems such as err sunlight :D.  However, after viewing our venue I noticed something, it is quite dark even in the day time... Could this work?  Just as a sign from the heavens, today, while doing my usual internet wedding perusal I find this picture, notice the sunny day and the candlelit ceremony...
And then as a reassurance I find this picture. 
As a reminder here is my venue during the morning.  This picture was taken at roughly the time we'd be getting married (perhaps 40 minutes later). I could totally leave the lights off which ups the romance, in my opinion....Cost wise, this is not really a problem, and the draping could be done across the ceiling beams and the entire front can be draped.   And my sparkling accessories and dress would glitter like crazy....

What do you-all think?


Can someone please help me post my comments?! I cannot make my comments work.  Please email me with how to make it go? I have tried different things on my setting and definitely need a comment lesson.

Okay maybe they are working now?!  But how do I change it to make my older posts comment-able (like that, I add new words all the time :D)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bling a bling Louboutin look a likes

Oh my I actually drooled when seeing these shoes!!! These are perfect and can be worn again!!! And I think that Mom Mocha will love them because they are close to a wedding color... What do you think of these babies?!
They are RSVPs Ayanna
Watch these bad boys in action!! Video (courtesty of Zappos)

Oh yes, wait a minute Mister Postman

Wait look and see... I've been standin' here waitin' Mister Postman, So patiently...

And look at what she brought to me....

My dress!! She's sophisticated sexy, and I think I'm naming her Gabriella.  She is stunning and a perfect fit.  And all that hoopla about the shoes was undeserved, she fits perfectly and in these pictures I had on 3 inch heels!! Excuse the mess (laundry day)...
She was perfectly packaged and securely wrapped in the box

My soon to be step daughter did the honor of holding her up, and she was heavy, look how strong my little girl is lol!!!
Here's a picture of her without the back fully laced up (it was pretty hard to tell the 9 year old how to lace a corset so we just gave that one up lol)

and another picture...

I am so excited and love her soo much and the fact that she came in $150.00 UNDER my $500.00 dress budget makes her even prettier to me!!!!
I think with Kacey's belt she will be absolutely stunning! (The belt doesn't have the green backing)
And my hair piece...
And my monogrammed veil...  (yes those are our initials written on the Nicole veil by Kristina Eaton, the design that I chose is loosely based on it)...

OMG I am getting sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!! I love everything so far!! Now I only have to find the shoes and being the shoe-diva I am, they will deserve a post all to themselves ;)