Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To shower them with gifts :o)

I adore my bridesmaids, they are all fun and sassy gals and have exquisite taste.  So what is a bride on a budget like me to do?  Head to ebay baby!
My first find was these great compact chandeliers from ebay for the awesome price of $2.30 each plus shipping.  For my four bridesmaids I paid $9.20!!

In real life :o)
I also was lucky enough to find these great chic totes from The Knot on sale for 5.99 each, I got them slightly cheaper by using a coupon code :D... I purchased them in our wedding colors.  I chose a black trim with grey writing in the font that is shown.  I cannot wait until they arrive!!!
I am also searching Etsy for a great little wrislet and am 100% sure that I know which ones I want and they are darling.  These are the ones I am thinking of by Etsy seller Syl2830.  These are only 19.00 each...
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I will also be sticking a few of these pecan candies/pralines in their bags (because YUMMY!!!)
I am also getting them these great pashminas as wraps for their dress event though I don't have any idea what color I'll be choosing yet.  My favorites are 4, 7, and 30.  Remember their dresses are black and while I love the black pashminas, I think they may be a little bit harsh for our wedding?  Perhaps the blue (#7 while be stunning or the grey of #4?)  What do you think?  I currently have submitted a best offer to the seller, Muraslove, on Ebay...
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What are you getting your bridesmaids as gifts?  Do you think I've selected enough items?  What else would you add?  Remember, I am on a tight budget and would love to get the best bang for my buck without breaking the budget.


lrwedd said...

I love those wristlets! I am looking for something very similar. What colors are you thinking of doing? I have black BM dresses too so I was curious as to what colors you are going to choose for your girls.

Mocha Frugalista said...

I am actually going with their favorite colors. That way they can be individualized and personalized to them and they will definitely wear them again. The pashmina's, that I actually got today are in the wedding colors (grey) and if I would have thought a bit about it, I would have gotten it in their favorite colors as well, but c'est la vie.