Sunday, October 31, 2010

What you shouldn't be doing 21 days before the wedding... But I am soo excited

You shouldn't be finding more projects to add to the list!  Remembering how difficult it was to get to our venue I decided that I wanted to make those cutesy wooden signs.  Not the ones that look like the rustic "Fishing" signs but the really couture Edwardian Script signs.  Ones that look like this:

                                                                  From Etsy Seller: Funkifolkart
Or this in black from Weddingbycolor's Love him first.
My landlord was taking down a few picket fences from our backyard and I thought to myself OMG these would be perfect signs. I already have silver spraypaint and black acrylic paint and paint brushes. I could make this work.  After going on my favorite wedding inspiration site, Weddingbee, I decided that I could do this. All I needed was a sheet of typing paper, and to shade the back...
Then I would spray paint the wood...

And I would just have to trace it on the wood, and it would magically transfer. A bippity boppity boo...

Well, Cinderella would be ashamed.  What I ended up with was this ugly as cariacture of what it was supposed to be.  OMG. This is terrible. I am supposed to be a professional.  Notice even my stepdaughter to be's paintbrish stopped when she saw this.
So then I decided to "fix" it because that's what I do... I decided I would spray paint the paper and then trace over the letters in black and affix that to the sign.
Yep, still a fail and man oh man can I not friggin' paint.  So then I decided, hell rustic isn't THAT bad.... (a temporary moment of insanity because how in the hell does rustic go with feathers and chandeliers, I'm not too sure).

Then I remembered that, WAIT. I should just do chandeliers and can get a bride and groom stamp! I pulled out my trusty ink pad and chandelier stamp because all though I cannot paint, I CAN stamp pretty effectively and efficiently I may add.

Happy enough with my progress for the day, I went to bed.  Thinking I can't believe how badly I f'd this one up. I mean OMG this is terrible. And I even texted my mom to say that this was a complete failure and I was glad that stepdad Mocha was making a sign to hang the banner that my mom had sewn.  About four hours later a light bulb went off.

I got it!! I remembered that I had bought letter stamps for another project about a year ago. I pulled it out and began my first stamp. It was working!!! Here is what I ended up with.  Yes you can still see the ugly Edwardian script monstrosity that I created in the back, but did I care, NOPE. I figured it out!!!

Here it is in another light with the obligatory Fleur de lis added from my new state...

You can still see the stupid W (cursing myself) from my earlier screw up, but did I care?! Nope. It was working!! My fi and stepdaughter-to-be came outside because I believe they thought I'd lost my mind. And well.... I agree but I was soo excited to show them this lol!!!!!  Although even my stepdaugther noticed it was crooked :D
Here is my final picture from this morning all dry and yes admittedly crooked.

Did/Is anyone else doing projects the last few weeks before the wedding?  How is it turning out?  I am sort of happy with this one, especially after I do it straight in a line, although I may leave this one as is and just do the other side lol!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bridal Portraiture.. Yay or Nay?!

Lately the wedding bug has bit me.  You'd think because I work and live with weddings all day that I would know exactly what I want.  Well you're wrong!!!  Yes I juggle all things weddings, but lately I feel like I am striking out.

I keep thinking that I must have bridal portraits. I mean this is the only time that I will ever wear this dress, these shoes, this veil all together, so why not relish in the moment, right?  Why not use my change to compile a wonderful set of pictures even if it's a few?

Here are some of my favorite bridal shots that make my heart pitter patter....
                      Courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

Anyone who knows me... Knows this is me...

Did you take bridal portraits?  Were they worth it?  If so, why did you take bridal portraits?  Feel free to leave me links to send my photog!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sigh and now I am in love with lace!!!

OMG Wedding Bee inspires me all of the time and now: well, I want this too lol!!! I love the hint of bling at the top and honestly I saw the brooch at Hobby Lobby very recently!!
From Lace Cake

Give a girl a pair of shoes and she'll conquer the world

I am paraphrasing Marilyn Monroe but I am thrilled with Kacey Higley from Etsy.  I was just sent the pictures from my shoe clips and they are
Here they are on a pair of shoes to give you a visualization...

Now to remind you... Here are my invites:


With the other belly band...

My feather centerpieces.. (these are actual pictures of the centerpieces) and yes even my cake will have feathers just like in the picture :o)... They will be fuller though like the one on the left... I messed the one on the right up lol!!!! If you look to the extreme left you will notice my card box....

My fascinator:
And lastly: Damn I love it when a plan comes together!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finally figured out what I am wearing... but what about HIM?!

Now what about him?! I have decided that I like different.  My fi teases and says that I must have every INCH of my wedding different from everyone else's. I think maybe it's because I have lived in the wedding world for the last two years (longer if you count how long I pined over gorgeous wedding goodies).  The thing is a black suit has become very bleh to me. 

This is what we decided that M would be wearing. Nice, basic, boring as hell.  The one on the left is what we agreed upon.
Of course after seeing this I decided it wasn't ENOUGH for my fiance.  Plain, basic simple, ick.  Then I saw the below picture and fell hopelessly in love with them. Think Olivia Newton and John Travolta singing hopelessly devoted in Grease. Yeah I had that type of moment...
Isn't this the most awesome thing you have ever seen?! Wouldn't this look amazing?!

But alas.  The wonderful M says NO... I am still trying to work my womanly charm on him to get him to see things my way. Unfortunately the night shift isn't allowing me to work my magic... Hmmmm... Maybe the cookies I am baking tonight will... And well his favorite heels...


I am friggin' in love with this!!!

Thanks so much Mrs. Frozen Yogurt for this beautiful inspiration!!! This one picture has changed the entire layout of our reception!! We will now be sitting in front of the picture window and our damask name decal (pix to come later I promise) will be right above our heads with the ampersand that I scored at Hobby Lobby for $5.00 between the two of us.  Man oh man can you imagine a smooch being caught there... I LOVE THIS!!

H stands for




Hilariously Mochafrugalista!


my new last name :D

Here's the topper that I created for us.  It is a bit more simplistic than what I would usually chose, but I let the fi' chose the font.  If you look closely you will see five purple stones, one for each person in our family.

Monday, October 18, 2010

And we have a venue!!

I have shown you-all some of the pictures of No. 2 Vance, but not the ones from my digi camera that turned out amazingly!!!  Don't forget to get the napkin because the view is drool worthy!!

Entrance into Bathroom
That's me on the left taking in the view...
The view!!!
Another shot of the view...
This is the deck where we will be married, but the chairs will be facing the river and the tables will be removed to make room for chairs....

Things I have been working on!! Heavy picture post!!!

I have been neglecting my poor blog. Shame on me!!! Here are some things that you have missed ;). I have had my first fitting....
Chose a great pair of shoes that even I love (although they are shorter than I would normally wear)...

I also got a new e-ring.  For those of you that have known me pre-engagement days you will know this is the one I salivated over FOREVER!! And my sweetie got it for me when we moved the wedding date up.

Here it is with my mom's faux wax seals that she made for my invites... She will be opening up an etsy store shortly after the wedding called Clay Seals

I thought this was a kick ass picture if I must say so myself...

Ours together...

And here are the napkins I busted my butt folding, ironing, wrapping, sealling and feathering....