Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bridal Portraiture.. Yay or Nay?!

Lately the wedding bug has bit me.  You'd think because I work and live with weddings all day that I would know exactly what I want.  Well you're wrong!!!  Yes I juggle all things weddings, but lately I feel like I am striking out.

I keep thinking that I must have bridal portraits. I mean this is the only time that I will ever wear this dress, these shoes, this veil all together, so why not relish in the moment, right?  Why not use my change to compile a wonderful set of pictures even if it's a few?

Here are some of my favorite bridal shots that make my heart pitter patter....
                      Courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

Anyone who knows me... Knows this is me...

Did you take bridal portraits?  Were they worth it?  If so, why did you take bridal portraits?  Feel free to leave me links to send my photog!


Ghenet said...

I didn't do seperate bridal portraits but my photographer took individual photos of me the morning of the wedding. If you want to spend the money to do a special shoot, go for it! But you can also just make sure your photographer knows to take some individual shots of you before your ceremony.

Dancy said...

Soo - confession? I only recently learned that bridal portraits were a southern thing and they're totally taken on another day before the wedding. Didn't know that.

I 2nd what Ghenet says but I'm also all for doing a shoot AFTER the wedding. Getting all dolled up & putting it all back on. We're waiting till we have a little more cash and hopefully we can do some next summer.

Mocha Frugalista said...

@ghenet: I know that she'll get some incredibly good shots of me getting dressed and the like but I think the narcissist(sp?!) just wants to see me all dolled up just because lol!!!

@dancy:lol yeah we're weird in the south. we don't rsvp either (roll eyes)