Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finally figured out what I am wearing... but what about HIM?!

Now what about him?! I have decided that I like different.  My fi teases and says that I must have every INCH of my wedding different from everyone else's. I think maybe it's because I have lived in the wedding world for the last two years (longer if you count how long I pined over gorgeous wedding goodies).  The thing is a black suit has become very bleh to me. 

This is what we decided that M would be wearing. Nice, basic, boring as hell.  The one on the left is what we agreed upon.
Of course after seeing this I decided it wasn't ENOUGH for my fiance.  Plain, basic simple, ick.  Then I saw the below picture and fell hopelessly in love with them. Think Olivia Newton and John Travolta singing hopelessly devoted in Grease. Yeah I had that type of moment...
Isn't this the most awesome thing you have ever seen?! Wouldn't this look amazing?!

But alas.  The wonderful M says NO... I am still trying to work my womanly charm on him to get him to see things my way. Unfortunately the night shift isn't allowing me to work my magic... Hmmmm... Maybe the cookies I am baking tonight will... And well his favorite heels...

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