Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Invite Design Completed!!

My invite design is done!! Thank you so much etsy seller GOTARINGONIT !!!!
I sent her an inspiration picture and the damask and told her I was going for damask and vintage yet modern and funky (yeah exactly lol!!!)

What she delivered to me was better than I expected and perfection!!! I am sooo happy with them!!!!
The invites will be black and white with a purple or clear rhinestone on a few of the drops for the chandelier as well as the damask pattern on the right. The invite will have a purple belly band (dunno if it's ribbon or paper yet) and be affixed with my wax seals which are pictured before they are silver and after they are silver.  The invites will also have a purple feather through them...

I will hand emboss the envelopes to look like this:

Also, the faux seals will go on my favors (as pictured) before and after...

The below are my awesome favors!!!!  The one on the left is a Christmas ornament, on the right a ball point pen.  Total cost $0.80 each!!!!

Here are the final versions of my invites with the embossed envelopes:

Here they are with the feather.  The belly band is velvet and the feather purple.  The faux wax seals are made by mom who is opening an etsy store soon.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice!
(This is Miss Tattoo from Weddingbee.)