Sunday, October 31, 2010

What you shouldn't be doing 21 days before the wedding... But I am soo excited

You shouldn't be finding more projects to add to the list!  Remembering how difficult it was to get to our venue I decided that I wanted to make those cutesy wooden signs.  Not the ones that look like the rustic "Fishing" signs but the really couture Edwardian Script signs.  Ones that look like this:

                                                                  From Etsy Seller: Funkifolkart
Or this in black from Weddingbycolor's Love him first.
My landlord was taking down a few picket fences from our backyard and I thought to myself OMG these would be perfect signs. I already have silver spraypaint and black acrylic paint and paint brushes. I could make this work.  After going on my favorite wedding inspiration site, Weddingbee, I decided that I could do this. All I needed was a sheet of typing paper, and to shade the back...
Then I would spray paint the wood...

And I would just have to trace it on the wood, and it would magically transfer. A bippity boppity boo...

Well, Cinderella would be ashamed.  What I ended up with was this ugly as cariacture of what it was supposed to be.  OMG. This is terrible. I am supposed to be a professional.  Notice even my stepdaughter to be's paintbrish stopped when she saw this.
So then I decided to "fix" it because that's what I do... I decided I would spray paint the paper and then trace over the letters in black and affix that to the sign.
Yep, still a fail and man oh man can I not friggin' paint.  So then I decided, hell rustic isn't THAT bad.... (a temporary moment of insanity because how in the hell does rustic go with feathers and chandeliers, I'm not too sure).

Then I remembered that, WAIT. I should just do chandeliers and can get a bride and groom stamp! I pulled out my trusty ink pad and chandelier stamp because all though I cannot paint, I CAN stamp pretty effectively and efficiently I may add.

Happy enough with my progress for the day, I went to bed.  Thinking I can't believe how badly I f'd this one up. I mean OMG this is terrible. And I even texted my mom to say that this was a complete failure and I was glad that stepdad Mocha was making a sign to hang the banner that my mom had sewn.  About four hours later a light bulb went off.

I got it!! I remembered that I had bought letter stamps for another project about a year ago. I pulled it out and began my first stamp. It was working!!! Here is what I ended up with.  Yes you can still see the ugly Edwardian script monstrosity that I created in the back, but did I care, NOPE. I figured it out!!!

Here it is in another light with the obligatory Fleur de lis added from my new state...

You can still see the stupid W (cursing myself) from my earlier screw up, but did I care?! Nope. It was working!! My fi and stepdaughter-to-be came outside because I believe they thought I'd lost my mind. And well.... I agree but I was soo excited to show them this lol!!!!!  Although even my stepdaugther noticed it was crooked :D
Here is my final picture from this morning all dry and yes admittedly crooked.

Did/Is anyone else doing projects the last few weeks before the wedding?  How is it turning out?  I am sort of happy with this one, especially after I do it straight in a line, although I may leave this one as is and just do the other side lol!!!!

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