Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anyone else go crazy right before the wedding?!

Our wedding is 16 days out and I feel like everything is semi-homemade!! Here are the projects that I have just completed within the last week:
Flowergirl basket:
Wedding sign:
My so ugly it's cute bouquet (I love this damned thing)

My shoes are a bit more complete than this, but yes I am doing crystal encrusted heels...
Our ampersand

My scrapbook hostesses' gifts:

My bridesmaids notecards

I don't have much left to do, I need to pack the girl's gifts in their totes so I don't have to do it the week of the wedding.   Finish my heels and make another wedding sign... I also need to get an extra shepherd's hook, but I think my mom may have one for me to use to point the way to our wedding...


Dancy said...

I went insane the days before our wedding. I ended up taking 2 extra days off. hang in there... wine helps. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are doing a lot! Good job! Everything looks great!