Monday, November 29, 2010

The moment I waited my entire life for....

I was here.  About to marry the man of my dreams.  I can't believe it.  I have wanted this moment for so long and it is finally here. 
Here we sare with Reverend Rayford, our saviour. I just noticed that his tie and pocket square matched our wedding colors!! How awesome is he?!
You can really see the detail of my dress on this picture.  And the ring I grabbed from my Grandma at the last moment because I completely forgot about my something old.  It has the birthstone of all of my aunts and uncles in it.

I really should have gotten a pedicure but I ran out of time :(.... Oh well I still love this picture!

At first I grabbed my husband's hand with both of mine. I later realized my mistake and switched it.

Love his eyes!!! They can sometimes turn blue but right now they look hazel...
I used my engagement ring when we got married because we didn't have time to pick up my wedding bands before we left (oops!!!!)  In the end no one even noticed nor asked to see my ring lol!!!!

Luckily I had already bought his ring.  Too bad he lost weight before the wedding.  The ring kept literally falling off!! I had it exchanged for him.

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