Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm married now!!!!

Marrying my husband was one of the best days of my life thus far.  The experience was bittersweet since we moved everything up so that my father could be there.  The process was not without its hiccups, even for a professional wedding planner.  My caterer (a family member) who was supposed to handle the food and the preacher pulled out.  In the end, everything worked out as planned and I am now Mrs. H.  We went slightly over budget with the catering fiasco but in the end everything worked itself out.  We ended up spending around $2800 on everything.  Without the gifts of linens from my bestie we would have been under $5000, still way under the national limit.  Without further adieu here are our pictures.  In a later post I will show how we even made money on our wedding. 

When our guests arrived they were greated with the bubble basket and by the ushers passing out programs.  Beside that table was our donut buffet which evidently was a huge hit.  I know that because I never saw the donuts lol!!!!!!

We used submerged orchids for the deck railing and the aisle decor.  Simple, chic, elegant, modern, yet traditional.

Here is the aisle decor that I chose.  My former company sold the monogram aisle runners and as a gift, the artist that I worked with made this for me.

The framing of the view was extremely difficult to describe to my bestie and to capture.  I wanted something more modern than the arch and less costly than the cedar altar.  She does pipe and drape regularly and I decided that it would be the perfect "frame".  I purchased the chandelier from Mrs. Star, a Bee that blogs on weddingbee and the rest is history.  Here are the few inspiration pictures that I found.  Forgive me for not knowing the source.  I literally had to find it on my blackberry and save it there since I was without a laptop.  If anyone knows where it is from let me know!! The first picture was my inspiration for the chandelier. I loved how it hung over everyone.
This picture showed the way that I wanted the fabric swagged to frame the view of the Mississippi River.  Thank goodness the photographer's watermark is there!!! 

Another picture of the chandelier:

Love the sky!!!!!

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Ghenet said...

Congratulations! Everything looked beautiful!