Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting ready...

Right before it was time to walk down the aisle, Kitty (the owner of No. 2 Vance), allowed me to stay in her office while we were being staged to walk down the aisle.
I love this shot. My little girl must have noticed that she was in the pictures and looked up at Krystal.

The traditional "bride on the stairs".  This is my sister-in-law's favorite.

Gotta show those pearlie whites lol!!!!!  Notice the feathers on the shoes. I was soo concerned that my dress would be dirty from the steps.  My venue was a converted printshop which is actually still in use as a printshop.
The millions of buttons adorning the back.  You can really see the fabric here of the dress.  Not bad for $300, huh?

I didn't even know that she was taking the following shots. I was sooo nervous and excited!
I love the raw truth of this picture with the hairs out of place and all. It reminds me of an old Ebony magazine spread.
This is the money shot to me.  It is beautiful and emotional and captures the essence of me as a bride.  I am so happy that I chose Krystal to be my photographer!!!

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