Monday, March 22, 2010

Over under pull it tight

And string 60 orchids and 12 feet of crystals with all your might!!

I have been working on these crystals all day for a wedding I have this weekend and I had to show you the progress. I still have about 13 orchids left and a few feet of crystals left to string...

First... This is when I first started look how sparse the wall looked! (BTW if you are doing this at home, do not hang them on a hanger, they will get tangled and you will spend about 15 minutes cursing yourself). I used a thumb tack to hang them on the wall.)
Here is a close up.  These are real orchids, but they are freeze dried.
Look how empty this looks and I hate the long strand of crystals

Hmm... Looking better but not quite done...
And the last picture of the night but not completely done.  I still will have more long plain crystal strands as well as the 13 more orchids which would equate to about 3 more strands with crystals.  The strands range from about 2 feet long to about 5 feet or so.

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