Monday, December 20, 2010

Cost Savings Tips for Christmas... The Mocha Frugalista edition

I know that this is a bit late since it is 6 days before Christmas, but what are your favorite cost-savings tips? Here are a few of my own and family traditions.

•My mom would Christmas shop throughout the year, stockpiling gifts to ensure that we always had a full Christmas even though the amount wasn't necessarily too expensive. The downfall is that she would forget her hiding places and random times during the year she would give us gifts that she forgot to give during Christmas (LOVE HER)

•Mine: I am starting a tradition of using newspaper for wrapping paper on all of our gifts. I cannot stomach the price of wrapping paper when I saved so much on other things. I am not a big proponent of the paper costing more than the gift. I googled pictures and found that I am "eco-chic" I guess that is a synonym for cheap as hell.  If you don't believe that this is fabulous, check out my previous post with pix!

•Reusing Christmas ornaments. My best friend in the past would throw her entire tree away, ornaments at all. I had never heard of that practice, but since she did it others may, SAVE your ornaments! If you decide to change the theme, then keep your ornaments in a bin just in case the ones you purchase fit into future themes.

Even if you like the multiple themes, the ornaments would still look great in apothecary jars in different areas of your home like your bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, etc.
Here is another amazing thing that you can do with the bows that you were going to throw away from the kids gifts!

•Set a budget and stay within it.  Pretty self explanatory here.  Remember that your family and friends love you no matter the cost of a gift. 

•For those of us with kiddies ask them which ONE gift they want the most and get them that. The rest of the gifts get to be what you would like them to have (remember the pointer above while fulfilling your wish list for your kiddies).

•Don't try to outdo anyone! I found out that one of my besties spent 600 per child on Christmas. I find that obscene and insane

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Andnowlights said...

"I am "eco-chic" I guess that is a synonym for cheap as hell."

Made me laugh SO hard, girl! Miss talking to you!