Saturday, December 26, 2009

The best Christmas present ever....

So nooo ring for me for Christmas, but good things come to those that wait and I am not too bummed. I did get the best present of all though. Here's a bit of a back story. I was REALLY bummed about not being able to go home for Christmas and was just in a crummy mood. I am originally from Memphis, TN (5 hours away) and live in Baton Rouge, LA. M and I decided to save money and just get each other sentimental things. I got him a letter and a lock and key (from an old key chain) and basically told him it was the key to my heart and to always keep it near and safe.

Later in the night, M and I watched a great and funny movie and he excused himself to the restroom. I had never seen it before it was Richard Pryor's Which Way is Up. Well when he came back he handed me this handwritten note (on an empty toilet tissue roll, sooo him lol) and it was the sweetest thing I have ever read. It basically said that he's sorry that we couldn't be home for Christmas, that he hoped this card made up for it, and that this was my home now and ended with Love, M... OMG I bawled... I still tear up reading it. It was so romantic and sweet. He oftentimes says the only time he could think is when he's in the restroom lol!! And it shows his quirky sense of humor. How did he know exactly what to say to make me feel better and exactly the way to say it? Gosh he is made for me... Here's a pic of my note... against our awesome tree :D

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