Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I want a Cricut Expression NOW!

OMG does anyone else have one of these? I look at it and I seriously swoon!! It would be so awesome for so many of my practical applications with my business as well as being a mom and an over-all crafter. This is the gorgeous little baby that my heart is currently swooning over.

There is currently a TV special where you can purchase it for a trial period of a month for $33.00 plus shipping and handling AND it comes with tons of goodies that can only be found in the tv special like the potpourri basket (which evidently is like a mish-mash of various cartridges). The potpourri basket alone is going for over 175 on ebay right now! If you decide to keep it it's $57 a month for 6 months afterwards. www.getmycricut.com

Here are some of the cool as hell crafts I would love to make with the Cricut!!!

(photo courtesy of http://www.weddingbycolor.com/hlrheawedding)

(photo courtesy of http://discountdiecutcartridges.com/2008/09/a-little-tip-for-cricut-vinyl-users/)

you cannot tell me these aren't darling for a little girl's birthday party!!!

(photo courtesy of http://www.cricut-expression-cartridges.com/blog/)

Do you have the cricut, if so do you like it and is it user friendly? I will probably purchase this for myself in January although it's becoming harder and harder for me to hold off on it. Even M is on board :o)....

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Anonymous said...

www.mycraftcorner.com is having a giveway where 2 people will win a Cricut! Lots of ways to earn extra entries and it's a great crafting community too!