Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The diaries of a Mocha Frugalista

Hmmmmm... I am not one known for being at a loss for words but for some reason my first blog post evokes a blankness that I have only felt when taking a test during Chemistry at Vanderbilt, Freshman year (yes Vandy Gals it's that bad).
I suppose I should tell you a bit more about me. My personal philosophies are: Laughter is the best medicine to any problem and Carpe Diem. I am known to crack up in laughter if something is going terribly wrong. It isn't the cute giggly type either. It is the more insane Victor Frankenstein, the bwah ha ha ha ha type of laughter. Lmbo!! I can also be insanely dense (I mean really was it tuna or chicken, I sure as heck didn't know either!!)

I'm a mommy of a precocious and darling eight-year-old son and the girlfriend (hopefully soon fiance) of the most beautiful soul I have ever encountered. I call him M for short. I also own the greatest event design company in the world (okay that was a bit of self promotion lol!!! I can have delusions of grandeur, right?!) Other than my event design company and a part-time job at a local hobby store I stay at home and try to figure out ways to keep the house tidy and dinner yummy.

In this blog you'll see a lot of varying and sometimes contradictory items: yummy recipes, vents and rants, great DIY projects on a budget because hey we're in a recession and every dollar counts!! But the diva in me will also lust after Manolos, Jimmys, and Louboutins. And I'm sure there will be extravagant purchases because I'm a recovering shopaholic and I am sure I will have setbacks!! There will also be an evolution of myself from my 29th year through my 30th and the fabulousness that my 30th year will bring. Hopefully on July 2nd, 2010 I will be sipping an amaretto sour from a beach during a trip to Miami (M you did read that right *hint hint*).... and you'll have a wonderful picture of my OPI pale pink toesies and the ocean behind them... until then .... HERE'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Mocha Frugalista!!

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