Sunday, October 11, 2009

Frugalista Worthy Treat Bags

These adorable treat bags can be used for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, or as a great fun DIY project for your wedding favors

Easy Halloween Treat Bags *these are also great for favor bags*

Total time: Approximately 30 seconds per bag

Make sure you check the Sunday's paper for the coupons for Michael's or your receipt from your last purchase. There are usually 40% off coupons in Sunday's papers and sometimes your receipt will have a coupon as well. Also check the sales ads for Michael's and Hobby Lobby because their seasonal stamps, etc oftentimes go on sale!!

What you'll need:

  • White/Brown sack lunch bag (Wal-mart, usually 1.00-2.00 for 50)
  • Pumpkin or Seasonal Stamp (Hobby Lobby with a 50% off coupon 2.00)
  • Ink pad (I used Giant Ink Pad from another project, 2.50 Hobby Lobby)

  • Scissors with a fun edge (2.00 Michaels)
This will be the easiest project EVER!! And is so darned cute for the kids' in the classroom or the guests at your event if you decide to use it as a favor bag for your cookie, candy, or popcorn buffet.
  1. Use your nifty scissors and cut about an inch to three inches depending on the size of your stamp and how many items you are putting in the baggies.

  2. Press your stamp firmly into your ink pad

  3. Press your stamp firmly and evenly onto your baggie
  4. Don't worry if the image wasn't perfect, it brings more character and cuteness into your bags.
  5. Fill your bags with goodies. These will be used for my son's classroom as Halloween treat bags so they will be filled with rubber Halloween rings (50 for $1.00 from Dollar Tree) and other yummies from Sam's.

Martha has these too!! However, she doesn't use the scissors and prefills the bags with candies, folds it over with a paper cord in the fold, and uses double sided tape to affix it... another great way to make an EASY and affordable favor bag!

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