Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas, Christmas Time is Near Time for Toys and Times for Cheer

I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!!! I am currently brainstorming about how my tablescape will be this year for Christmas. I got the cutest little Christmas plates from Kohl's a few years ago, but now I am definitely brainstorming for the centerpieces. I usually don't do anything or do something really simple like a star bowl. This year I'm thinking large and extravagant, but of course on a frugalista's budget ;). I am planning on using the apothecary jars (that I use for candy buffets) for double duty this Christmas. I will arrange them with the ornaments that we purchased last year during Christmas time. And then purchase more for this year's tree, but shhhh don't tell M :P he's the grinch and I am like little Suzie Who, sneaking Christmas cheer into his heart

This is what I am thinking of doing, and it's a brilliant idea for those brides out there thinking about what to use their candy buffet jars for after the wedding is over!!

And if you have received three billion four hundred eighty six million two candle sticks as wedding gifts, why not think keep a few and make these eclectic and sophisticated centerpieces?! The same look can easily be achieved by hunting (or stalking like me) the Dollar Tree, Goodwill, or thrift stores in your area! Happy Hunting!

Now, I will be allowed to begin Christmas decorations the week of Thanksgiving! So I'll definitely take pictures of my tablescape! I will be using a gorgeous red organza runner that my mom gave me a few years ago to complete my look. I think M will be forced to love Christmas, too!! And I'm sure that baking him cookies will definitely help ;)


Harvard Housewife said...

Can i feature your tablescape post after Thanksgiving? It'll be perfect for the ladies thinking about their settings.

Layla said...

You are BRILLIANT!!! Seriously, I was staring at the apothecary jars yesterday and wishing they had a use, since they're so pretty! I figured I would sell them after the holidays, because I figured no one would buy them before. But now I am doing exactly as you suggested and putting Christmas ornaments in them! Thanks for the idea!

KMSull said...

I'm steaaaaaaaaaaling this idea! But I have no buy the jars instead of being lucky enough to have them lying around.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog from your wedding bee love love the Christmas decor...It really makes me wanna decorate the apt. ASAP!! PS>I love following you in the hive and am excited to add you to my blog list...hopefully your wait won't be too much longer!

feel free to stop by and say hi!

Mocha Frugalista said...

WOW!!! I have visitors!!
@HarvardHousewife: OF COURSE you can use my tablescape post! I actually created an inspiration board for it, as well, if you'd like I can email it to you or you can use the exact phraseology from here.

@MRS.Layla: awww you're too sweet!! I think that I may put mine on top of my kitchen cabinets as well and maybe fill them with fruits etc during the other seasons because they are gorgeous and sooo expensive. They would look really pretty in the bathroom to house loofahs, sponges, soaps, etc.

@KM: Definitely use your coupons and go to the hobby stores. I scored a $30 one this week for $15.00!!!! I had a 50% off coupon!!

@loveisyouloveisus: what's your wedding bee screen name?! thanks so much for following me on the bee and who knows how much longer my wait is lol!! i honestly am happily waiting and am feeling no more anxiety about it!! i'm on my way over to your place!

Miss. Pink said...

I love christmas and I really love that Noel centerpiece - I think I am going to have to use that as inspiration this year!

And check out my post today there is a surprise for you on there!

PMerr said...

I LOVE Christmas too!!

I love all of those ideas!! They are really cute! I can't wait for you to show us what you actually end up doing!!

Mocha Frugalista said... how cool!! i am on my way over to your blog!!
@pmerr: i am pretty sure it'll be the ornaments in the jars unless i go with a substitution of the ornaments on the candlesticks as well... i can never put just ONE thing anywhere lol!! it has to be clusters