Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The art of negotiation...

I am currently in the beginning process of blocking the hotel rooms for our guests.  I will have anywhere from 30-40 guests coming from out of town to witness our marriage.  The town that we are getting married in is a very small quaint town, full of antebellum homes and history.  I have chosen three different avenues for guests. 

One is a 200 suite golf course on 18 pristine holes.  The prices range from $159-200 per night for the suites.

They have 2 two bedroom suites (wouldn't it be great if some of my guests decide to share and save moolah?!)

The next is 12 bedroom antebullum home, I am waiting to receive the pricing for it (which may mean it's too expensive since I had to ask, I'll let y'all know if I'm pleasantly surprised). Unfortunately this home has a history of slavery, some of my guests may not mind, others may be turned away.

And finally a very budget friendly option on the lake.  If guests are on a definite budget, they will be happy with this choice, this option is priced at only $75.00 per night.

I am only blocking 10 rooms each at the larger hotel and 5 rooms at the antebellum home.  I, of course, am determined to get my guests the best bang for their buck.  How did you go about blocking hotel room guests for your OOT guests?

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