Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Dress.

When I told Mom Mocha Frugalista that we were engaged she was ecstatic and thrilled.  Her only two questions/comments were
  1. When
  2. Make sure you chose a beautiful dress.  It's the only time in your life you'll get to do this, so don't go cheap.
The 1st question was easily answered, the second not so much. I pride myself on being a reformed shopaholic. Carrie on SATC was a mere amatuer at shopping compared to me in my hay day.  But things are different.  Priorities have shifted. The world has changed.  The recession has hit hard in my personal life as well as my clients and I think it is awfully irresponsible to spend so much money on one day, or better yet one item of clothing.  I am currently in the conundrum of staying true to my ideals of being the Mocha Frugalista and being true to my day and obtaining a special gorgeous piece of clothing to wear while reciting my vows to the most glorious man in the world.  What did you do while searching for dresses?  Did you bite the bullet or did you go in with a more sensible approach?  I think a reasonable budget is $500.00 for the dress but then the thought makes me literally sick to my stomach.  $500 on one dress for one day. $500!!!! I could pay for advertising for my business for 4 months, I could sign up for a bridal show, I could put it in savings, that's a month's worth of groceries for our family.  Oh God.  How will I do this?  I'm an older bride at 29 my priorities are definitely different than they were at 20.  Did anyone else feel guilty about their dress purchase?  I have checked classifieds etc and am happy enough with a dress that is $125.00, but is happy enough good enough?

How did you walk the fine line of being economically responsible and following your dream of being a gorgeous bride?  For now here is the dress that I have stalked for a few years.

Here she is David Bridal's P9345 in all of her Taffeta luxuriousness. 

I would wear her with a flower or a sash, the accessories would definitely make her more couture.  The David's Bridal sale is currently going on and the dress would be $50.00 off (around 449 before tax).  I have so much apprehension for this one purchase. It is literally sickening.  I mean this dress rivals the cost of the venue for our ceremony and reception!

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