Thursday, January 7, 2010

An ode to Chandeliers

Again lol!!! I love chandeliers and after seeing various designs, I have decided that I want to make that a running theme!! Look at what I found while posting a thread on wedding bee! One of the wonderful posters on was nice enough to share the following pictures and now I MUST have it!! I have already put out an etsy alchemy ad lol!!!
(wedding bee user cre8tive's daughter)

The same bee user draped carnations in the chandelier, Love it!!!

Etsy seller uncommon makes these which is much more my style, a bit goth, a bit dramatic, really modern

Omg Gotta love etsy! Lookie at what I found thanks to a great etsy seller!!!
(photo courtesy of Kikkerland)

I will of course be draping a lot of crystal strands throughout them to make them more luxuriuos.  Did you see something in your wedding that totally inspired you?

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