Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guess who popped the question yesterday???

ME!! LOL! We were having a conversation about money, the recession etc and again I reiterated (very Method Man style) "I don't need a ring to be your wife" and he sort of rolled his eyes because he of course thinks that I want a ring and all of this pomp and circumstance.
So I said well I should just ask you.
He said why don't you
I called his bluff and said will you marry me
(silence I heard crickets chirping and I was like oh no he doesn't want to marry me) but he was grinning
And then I said WELL...
And he said yes...
Then I went into shock... are you serious I squealed, and he just grinned and said Yeah I said yeah.. and I jumped into his lap and gave him kisses.
So fast forward to this morning, I said, are we engaged
And he said well yeah.
I said, yeah but I didn't know you were serious. Does this mean I can start planning?
And he said, Yeah I guess so.
And then I was confused or in shock and he was napping... soooo I waited until he woke up and asked him again "Does this mean we're engaged"
And he asked: How many times do I have to say yes?! Lol we're engaged.
Then I burst into tears and he gave me a big hug and kiss on my forehead.

So that's my proposal story in a nutshell, nothing fancy, no ring, we were just very us (and yes I usually call his bluff lol)... I don't even know if I want a ring?? I'm thinking I'll just do a band very Angelina and Brad style, something simple and classic or maybe a few bands lol we'll see. My mom is ecstatic, the kids are happy, and on December 30th, 2010, I'll be Mrs. M H (holy shit!!)

Now on to a technical question: Um can someone help me with my widgets so I can make my comments appear?! Please email me www.amourtoujoursevents@gmail.com)

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