Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to Save the Date while Saving money?!

I think I may have figured out an awesome way to save money while saving the date!   Here's what you'll need to complete this easy project:
  • a google account
  • pictures of you and your fiance, your reception site, etc
  • an idea of accommodations for out of town guests to include
  • everyone's email address
Yep that's it, no fancy software, no learning curve, nada!  Here are the steps to create your very on slide show save the dates!!!
  1. Log into your google account or create one at google .
  2. Click on the documents tab, it will open a new window.
  3. There is a drop down tab labeled create new, click on that.
  4. You would like to create a new presentation.
  5. You can begin working on your document from there adding new backgrounds etc....
  6. BUT I'm lazy and decided to see if someone else did the work for me :o)
  7. Sure enough after searching for wedding in the template section, I found Tony and Rita's wedding album and decided to use the template by clicking the button entitled use template.
  8. After deleting a few pictures that I didn't need and the first page, I was able to complete my email-able slideshow for my guests!!! 
Here's the completed project, let me know what you think!!!!  All pictures were taken by me.

Total Cost of project: $0.00!!
Helpful hints for this project are as follows:
***Link the hotel information for your guests so they will be able to utilize the email in the future
***Give them an idea of the weather during this presentation
***Don't make the presentation more than 4 or 5 pages or else it will become cumbersome
***I included where we were registered and had it hyperlinked to the stores

There are even forms that you can send for guests to put their information (versus emailing it to you), there are also various forms and invitations that are predone (and it's all free!!!)

I am so excited to send these out to guests.  The feedback from the bridal party, including M has been phenomenal thus far.

How are you creating your save the dates?

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