Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To be inspired

So I finally get to do my own inspiration board :o)... Anyone who knows me knows that I am very detail oriented and obsessed with weddings, have been for years. I have always had a color scheme in mind, and it has always involved black and white and sometimes other accent colors. I love the timeless elegance of the color scheme. I am thinking black and whites of course with touches of a hot pink, a cool, icey blue and gold for opulence. Very sophisticated, very sexy, very.... well us. 

As far as flowers go, I love garden roses! They're peonies cheap, sophisticated cousin. I'll think of them as the frugalista of flowers...

I love these Peony Rose Pink Yves Piaget (image from fiftyflowers.com)... The price is more than right. (Thank you theencorebride.blogspot.com for showing these a while back!!)

Now the question is how to be inspired on a budget. I am definitely not the $2000 wedding bride, she was phenomenally fantastic!! But I hope that we can keep everything under $5,000. I am very lucky in that I own a company that specializes in making people's weddings look phenomenal, and I fully understand that everyone may not have the "insider" connections that I do.  However, I do intend on creating a lot of DIY projects that the every day bride can follow and hopefully that will save her some cash. I am the Mocha Frugalista, and I intend to live up to my name :D. Please stay along for the best ride of my life.  In the next year I will plan my wedding and hopefully offer pointers to help you save on your own!!  Happy Planning and OMG I'M GETTING MARRIED!!

I have removed the original post with numbers and will do a running tally of items, to make sure I stay on budget!!!

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