Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You're either in our you're out. Auf Wiedersehen to the Beautiful Mansion

That's right.  This majorly SUCKS. I just got engaged and am already having to restructure my vision because of budget restraints.  The mansion doesn't allow a discount for weddings AT ALL no matter the day.  As such I have sadly decided to completely take the mansion off of my list. Auf Wiedersehen...  Instead I emailed a quaint, elegantly appointed bed and breakfast.  The head of the weddings over there just happens to be my number one choice for catering and guess what, because my day is during the off season AND it's a weekday, she was able to offer me the bed and breakfast at a price less than the Mansion! Now, it may sound really sad that I won't get to exchange my vows in the mansion, but instead I will have the opportunity to have a three bed room and bath bed and breakfast closed for just my family and I!!! I am checking into the rates of renting the entire thing out the night before, the wedding director/caterer, doesn't think this will be very expensive because of the low season in the bed and breakfast and the fact that the wedding will take place during the week.

Now on to the bad part (there's always a bad part).  M doesn't really like the place.  Originally we both thought it was a historic bed and breakfast and the negative racial implications weighed heavily on both of us.  Neither of us wanted to be in a house where slaves were (and I was greatly pushing it with the Mansion, I'm sure).  But the silver lining is this place was built to look old, it is a mere 22 years old! 

Here's your picture porn (I know that's what everyone really cares about anyway lol!)
 (all pictures obtained from
The Versailles Bathroom

The Versailles Suite

Bordeaux suite...  (second upstairs suite)

Avignon suite where my photographer will be staying for the night (yes she's brave enough to stay with my bridal party that night! Hope she's in the mood for giggles tears and smores)

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